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Here are a few of the characters and archetypes I've created over the years. Yeah, you read that right - years. I've liked Shadowrun pretty much all the time I've known about it, which would be right after 2nd edition came out, and up to 3rd edition.

I'm still a bit unsure about 3rd edition. I didn't think that very much was broken in 2nd edition - as compared to the infamous heavy armor in 1st, for instance - and I don't think the differences between 2nd and 3rd warrants an entirely new edition. Oh well. Perhaps I'll be able to nail down the decking rules better now.

 Schartfaced Killah My physical adept for our Do-Wang Clan campaign. 3E. 15 karma 

 NAN vol 2 updated archetypes Updated and corrected archetypes for NAN vol 2 

 Intruder Physical adept crossbow and intrusion specialist. 0 karma 

 Snow Owl Combat-oriented Owl shaman I once created, hoping to play him. 0 karma 

 Beau Ork rigger and sometime decker. Used to be a PC in a retired campaign. 63 karma 

 Iceman Physical magician and (semi-)retired assassin used as an NPC. Loads and loads of karma 

 Dead Shot Physical adept crossbow and intrusion specialist - variant of Intruder. 0 karma 

 Vendetta Psychotic Street Samurai with a multiple personality disorder. 44 karma 

 Walter A hermetic mage in love with Fire, Walter is the original hothead. 28 karma 

 Turing A deckmeister's deckmeister, Turing's real love is building decks, not using them. 14 karma 

 Dogo Elven mage and musician, Dogo runs to get samples for his music - and Nuyen. Built with SRComp. 0 karma 

 Hardball Former baseball pro turned to running when his magic manifested. 19 karma 

 Bubba Smith  long  short Street Samurai built with 'net enhancements. Long contains explanations. 85 karma 

 DeadBeat A big troll with an even bigger sword, Deadbeat is street samurai second to none. About 100 karma 

 Michael Chodosh Jumpy speed demon street samurai, Chodosh usually runs first and ask later. About 80 karma