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Though one can argue that ships are equipment as well, I decided to split them - try and keep things organized, don'tcha know. It's important to at least appear as if you're organized. It's like the towel trick - if you appear to be organized, people tend to believe that you are organized. And sometimes you'll believe that, too.
Item Saving Throws Small table listing the item saving throws. For quick reference. 

Ship to Ship Weapons Quick reference list of all ship to ship weapons from official sources - at least those I have. 

Missile Weapons Quick reference list of all missile weapons from official sources. 

Melee & Grenade Weapons Quick reference list of all melee and grenade weapons from official sources. 

New Weapons List of new weaponry I've made for Buck Rogers. Use with caution... 

Ominous Weapons Futuristic weapons - though with little detail. 

NAS Neural Articulator System. 

Smyth & Woss Two gun-crazed Lunarian scientists can be trouble...