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Utility Folding Stock Utility Folding Stock for weapons that can have a folding stock. 

Corporate Security Item listing from the book Corporate Security. 

Utility Head Unit New take on the options for helmets presented in the SSC. 

Tarot Firearms Insanely munchkin collection of ammo and weaponry. 

Stuff Various items. Some good, some crap. 

Guns 'n' Ammo More things to shoot your fellow man with. 

Plasma Weapons Plasma weaponry. 

FFLSA A new ghost suit. 

Guns Guns Guns Wonder why there are so many different guns in SR? 

Corporate Arms Ideas for secret weaponry for various corps. 

Gear 2051 Big list of stuff. 

Mamba Hand... Cannon Mamba hand cannon is more descriptive than 'hand gun'. 

Complete Table Claims to be a complete table o' stuff. I have my doubts  

Implast Does for blunt weapons what Dikoting does for sharp weapons? 

Satellite Weapons? Mostly background on what may or may not exist in your campaign. 

Stealth Suit Another ghost suit. 

Guns - again Gah. I'm all for variety, but is it really necessary? J/k  

Koala Arms! Unlicensed firearms in the big Down Under.