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What is Tien Tao, you might ask? Well, Street Fighter: Tien Tao is the homegrown setting I have started a new campaign in. It is sort of how the world should've been back in the 1920's - a cross between the Once Upon A Time In Chin and Mortal Kombat, with a healthy dose of Big Trouble In Little China in case the seriousness becomes too overwhelming.

I originally started this campaign after a climactic tournament - the Millennium Warrior Tournament - leaving two of House Darkfist (the residing team) crippled for life, and the rest of House Darkfist didn't feel too well either. (We use an alternative system, which is quite dangerous when dealing with aggravated damage, I assure you.) It was time for something completely different, after two abortive attempts at other, present-day Street Fighter campaigns.

A catch-phrase sort of stuck in my pointed little mind: 'Shanghai 1923. Everything you know about the occult is true.' I envisioned a world with dragons and strange but wonderful kung fu maneuvers shaking the world to its very foundations. Sort of the 1869 Juncture in Feng Shui, for you people who understand what I'm ranting about. Imagine a world filled with demons from legends, monsters with fang and claw, vampires, and what not. This is Tien Tao.

Oh, and a word of caution. You may find empty pages down below. That's because I'm still developing things for the Tien Tao setting, and I need those little reminders to try and develop a coherent setting.

Welcome to Tien Tao, the City at the Crossroads...

Character Generation  

New Backgrounds  

Reknown: Name Name is the mechanic that governs reknown. 

Tien Tao PCs Our heroes? 

New Backgrounds  

Legendary Fighters In a world of magic, some fighters are more magical than others. 

Chinese NPCs  

Japanese NPCs  

Tetsu-ken Karate-Do The Iron Fist Karate. 

Green Fang Society A decidedly scaly society practicing the deadly and treasonous Green Fang Kung Fu.